1. Go to Customization > Custom Categories and edit in this area:

  1. Click any of the pre-defined categories on the list to allow you to choose which Google Places content you want part of that category dropdown. The default content is pre-populated, but you use this step to set up exactly the content you want to pull into each of your menu categories. This gives you a starting point, automatically pulling as many places as possible into that category - based on their Google Places categorization. However, you will be able to manually add individual places to categories of your choice as well (see step 7). 

  1. When you select the Pencil icon, it will let you edit the name of the section:

  1. Or create sub-categories - we have 2nd and 3rd levels available.

  1. Make sure to hit SAVE to apply all customization changes!!!

Editing Categories of Individual Places

6. Select the Pencil icon to open the Places Details

7. Click Edit Categories 

8. Update or add this place to new categories you have created:


Create “Favorite Places” Categories

9. [OPTIONAL] This option continues to be available as before. Go to Customization > Custom Categories and create a category to show under the menu dropdown “Favorite Places.”


What You Must Know - FAQ

How to transfer all places from "Favorite Places" (where you were previously putting custom categories) to the new list that you can create in the new Customize feature?

The answer and steps is:

  1. Create the menu you want under the new Customize section, including all necessary sublevels.
  2. You need to let us know which favorite places categories match the new menu.
  3. Our development team can handle the content transfer for each category.