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The ITI Digital team has had the opportunity to work with multiple Simpleview websites and CRM clients, and although the setup and support may vary depending on your agreement with Simpleview, we've outlined a list of our integration capabilities and best practices. 

Please feel free to share this public link with your Simpleview team.

JSON Feed Access
The ITI Digital team will provide a dedicated JSON Feed URL containing a unique API Key during the onboarding of your new ITI Digital events calendar. This URL is what Simpleview technical team needs for your integration. 

Account Name = Client's account username

Key = unique to each client

Event Categories
Event Categories in the ITI dashboard can be matched to your CRM categories. For further clarification of this process:
  • The ITI dashboard will allow you to create categories (the same from your CRM or more) and use that to categorize your events at the time of event approval in the ITI Dashboard. The process would go like this: 
    • a) create the event category options on your ITI Dashboard; 
    • b) as you approve an event, also "tag" them in the particular category of choice; 
    • c) the event details + the category you assigned are immediately available in the ITI Feed Simpleview uses to pull data. 
    • d) Simpleview CRM understands that event "A" should go to category "X" automatically. The category parameter is available on the ITI Feed - see screenshot.
Pro Tip: Ensure all desired CRM categories are created on the ITI dashboard and let the Simpleview team know that those results need to be matched accordingly when they call the ITI Feed for results in your Simpleview work order. 

Event Approval Status
W recommend directing Simpleview to automatically mark all ITI events as "Approved" when received in the CRM, from the ITI feed. This way, your team will only need to review and approve (and categorize) the event once in the ITI dashboard. The only events you may have left to manage in the CRM are those manually submitted through the Simpleview website form. 

Event Images
Every event on the ITI Feed contains an image, either provided by the event's organizer or a placeholder of your destination logo that our system introduces, should the organizer not provide any image. 

Images are listed in the ITI Feed via URL in .webp format, which is recommended for improved web performance. With that in mind, I recommend reaching out to Simpleview if you are seeing events in your CRM without an image. 

Confirm Time of CRM Updates
Events approved in the ITI Dashboard are immediately available in the JSON data-feed. However, they will appear in your CRM depending on the determined schedule of updates setup by Simpleview. Confirm this schedule, so that both teams are aware of when the events become available on your website. 

Additional Integration Support
Please let us know if we can assist with any other questions during the integration. Reach out to our Onboarding Specialist or Submit A Ticket. We are happy to discuss technical details with your Simpleview account team directly, as needed.

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