Release of New UX Features for Google Places / Business Listing DXP Module - July 2023

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We are pleased to announce the release of a new UX design for our Google Places/Business Listings module, now available to all subscribers of this module. The features are designed to improve the website visitor experience with a modern and mobile-friendly design.

Additionally, subscribers to both Events and Places modules can add an upgraded section to the Place Detail pages, named Events & Places PLUS, which is described in detail below.

When will changes take effect?

The current (Version 2.0) of the Places module will stop being supported by August 30th. All Places module subscribers will automatically be upgraded to the Version 3.0 integration code by this date. No change is necessary on the website pages that have this module embedded, as the upgrade is completed via our admin tools.

Why publish a new UX version?

Our product and engineering teams always strive to release updated design options and enhanced features to our modules. This version is not shy of relevant features our savvy traveler audience expects.

In addition to design updates on the listing and place detail pages, this new version includes important technical software upgrades. Below is a complete list of User Features and Technical Improvements.

Presenting the New UX
Live Demo:

New User Features

1. Updated Listing Style

More organized and stacked cards for consistently displaying business listings in a row of content and an enhanced mouse-over effect on desktop screens for pinned-to-top places. You can expect the same modern look and feel for mobile phones but specifically designed for those screens.  

2. Powerful Business Listings Map

Switch to the Map View for a new, improved mapping page, displaying all businesses in your destination geo-area with a newly designed scrollable user experience.

3. New Place Detail Page Layout

  • Price Level & Services. With this addition, visitors planning their trip can see which location fits their budget and what services are available at the chosen location, for example, if a hotel offers a wheelchair-accessible entrance; or if a food establishment serves alcohol. 
  • Place-Specific QR Codes: Place Detail pages are also more visual, including a dedicated event-specific QR Code for easy access on mobile devices and improved page loading.
  • Updated Google Reviews sidebar: A new look for the Google Reviews that includes visitor-generated images and videos.
  • Updated and enlarged header image with the ability to slide through multiple photos. 
  • Larger and more reader-friendly place description area, including the option to display Youtube videos. Descriptions can be added manually, per place, via the DXP dashboard. 
  • Add to My Trip button - for accounts that subscribe to ITI Digital's Trip Planner DXP Module.

Technical Improvements 

  • Faster performance. Built on Angular's latest version (15). Compared with the previous Angular architecture versions, it has improved in functionality, security, performance, and other deployment aspects.
  • Improved Lazy Loading technology, fundamentally to improve the program loading speed. With other optimization methods, the module and widget loading speed increased by about 200%.
  • Introduced the use of state management development procedures. These procedures make the information flow between the dashboard and frontend widgets more concise and efficient.
  • TailwindCSS is introduced to improve the consistency of style and make it easier to control responsiveness on multiple screens and devices.

Optional Feature Upgrade

Enhance the Place Detail page with Events & Places PLUS

Our groundbreaking technology connects Events and Places, transforming how users interact with your brand. This means when users browse through Places (Business Listings), they can easily discover "Nearby Events" associated with a specific location. Similarly, users visiting the Events page can effortlessly explore nearby hotels, shops, and restaurants within a fifteen-mile radius.

Elevate your marketing strategy, boost business partnerships, and unlock the full potential of your destination. This upgraded feature requires a subscription to both Events and Places modules.

Reserve a time to review this upgrade strategy with our team.

FAQ - What current subscribers must know

1. Is the new UX immediately available on my account?

The current (Version 2.0) of the Places module will stop being supported by August 30th. All Places module subscribers will automatically be upgraded to the Version 3.0 integration code by this date. No change is necessary on the website pages that have this module embedded, as the upgrade is completed via our admin tools. Please contact our support team in case of any questions or if you wish to review this option in more detail. 

2. My website uses the JSON data feed. Will I get these updates?
No. This new upgrade does not apply to our JSON data feed or any integration to the website or CRM using the JSON feed. The new features and new UX look and feel are only available on ITI Digital's turnkey Business Listings widget.

3. I utilize the widget integration and want to use the new UX. Is there any cost associated with this new UX version?
There is no cost associated with the new UX listing and place detail views if you are an existing subscriber to the Places module, with the exception of the Events & Places PLUS feature. To display the Nearby Events in your Places detail page, contact your account executive or book a consultation; more details and cost will be provided. 

4. Will I need to do anything on my DXP dashboard to enable this view? 


5. Will I need to change anything on my website integration code?
No, you do not need to re-implement or change the existing integration code on your website. All free feature updates listed above will be automatically published as soon as our team switches your account to our V3 release by August 30th. 

6. Is the new interface also available on mobile screens?
Yes! The new UX is mobile-friendly. You will notice the mobile version is unique and specifically designed for smaller screens.

 Questions? Schedule a 1-on-1 conversation with our Support Team.

 Schedule time to learn how to maximize the new features on your events calendar.

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