Block/Delete Updates and Improvements, May 2024

Created by Evan Kenepp, Modified on Tue, 28 May 2024 at 09:27 AM by Evan Kenepp

The Block button will now execute the same function as the Delete button and we have removed the Delete button from Events and Places on the DXP Dashboard.

The Block button:

  • Removes a Place or Event from the list (approved or unapproved).
  • Prevents that Place or Event from being pulled into the Dashboard again. 
  • Adds this Place or Event to the Manually Blocked list, where it can be un-blocked if needed.

Blocking and un-blocking Events:

The block button will only block Events for a specific Date and Time. For an example: If you have a Book Club event reoccurring every Friday, and you block a single one of those Book Club events, the remaining Events will be unchanged because the block is specific to 'Book Club, Month/Day/Year.' 

If you want to block ALL instances of a reoccurring event, that is done with 'Block Event by Keyword' or Block Organizers/Hosts.' 

Blocked Events are added to the Blocked Events list which can be found under Content Management>Block Keywords>Events>Blocked Events

Hover your mouse over the 'three dot' menu icon on the right side of the Event you wish to unblock, and then click Revert. Reverted Events will return to the Approved or Unapproved Event list, depending on their approved status when initially blocked.

Unblocking Places:

Blocked Places can be un-blocked by navigating to: Content Management>Block Keywords tab (top right corner)>Places>Manually Blocked Places

Click on the 'three dot' menu icon to revert the block and allow the Place back into the Approved/Unapproved list.

Why did we remove the Delete button?

We have removed the Delete button from the DXP Dashboard because there was no way to see which Events and Places had been deleted and no way for our users to undo a deletion. This update provides greater visibility and editorial control over your content.

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