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1. What are the correct dimensions for the promo graphic? 

    a. 1300x850px 

2. Can the promo graphic be different for the Event Calendar and Places module?

    a. No, the promo image will show the same on both.

3. How do I set up custom categories?

    a. These are set up in the dashboard by turning “on” custom categories. Your team can set up as many custom categories as needed, and assign events/places to as many categories as needed. Each custom category has a unique embed code that allows you to embed a module view that defaults to the listings in the custom category.

- Create and Embed Events or Places Custom Categories Widgets

4.What are use cases for the PDF export?

    a. The online version of the PDF export can be used for monthly newsletters or email blasts, and the print version can be dispersed at hotels, the visitors center, or other brick and mortar locations. 

5. What is the difference between “block” and “delete”?

    a. The "block/remove" feature prevents the specific event from being pulled into the dashboard in the future (the event will be added to the blocked list). This can always be reverted in the dashboard. The “delete” feature will delete the listing but will be back on to the next pulling (twice each week for event listings and every 14 days for places). Note that once pulled again, this listing will default to “unapproved”. 

6. Is there a way to “unblock” an event/place?

    a. Yes, the dashboard includes a “revert” feature in the case that you need to unblock an event or place.

7.What if an event is missing?

    a. The best way to add a missing event is to complete the manual submission form in the dashboard, or direct the partner to input the event manually on the frontend submission form.

Adding an Event with the Manual Form 

8.We have some businesses/organizations that have events, but aren’t good about posting them as Facebook events, they share them as posts. What’s the best way to go about tracking their events? Will your software still pick up their events if they are shared that way and not as an “event”.

   a. We will not be able to capture content in their Facebook timeline. We can only aggregate if they create a Facebook event. I recommend we first see if these organizations may show up via your geofence, in case they have the events posted elsewhere on the web. If not, the Partner Guide PDF will help educate them on how to participate in your calendar moving forward and we can talk about this in more detail in our delivery call. Please list these organizations that you already identified, so our team can do an assessment once we pull your first batch of content. 

9. Also, something that came up that I’m wondering about…will your software pick up events listed on a website that’s not displayed as an “events calendar”. Not all businesses have an events calendar/tab.

    a. Good question - It will depend on their SEO settings on that page. If the event is not being discovered by search engines, we will most probably not be able to see it. If you provide some examples we can further investigate. This is also noted in the Partner Guide PDF and something we can help your team communicate to specific partners if needed.

10. In the event of events posted to duplicate platforms, how does your platform choose which set of info to populate for the image, event descriptions, etc?

Scenario 1- if the title, organizer and dates are exactly the same as an event that is already in the client’s dashboard our system will not populate the duplicate. However we see that scenario 2 happens more often.

Scenario 2- between platforms sometimes the same event is promoted slightly differently with a different title or different image. If they are similar listings our software will deliver all to the dashboard and our clients have the final choice of which to approve. For easier management / user-experience we flag similar events in the dashboard so clients can easily visualize them.

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