Unveiling Our AI-Enhanced Content Creation Tool for Your Destination - The AI Content Assistant ✨

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We're proud to introduce a game-changing feature within our platform: an Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered tool designed to revolutionize how you present local attractions, events, and businesses online. Our Digital Experience Platform's AI Content Assistant ✨ is engineered to transform your marketing efforts.

The deployment of AI-powered content creation delivers extensive benefits for Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs) and their partners, encompassing individual businesses such as hotels, restaurants, attractions, and local events. These advancements not only streamline operations but also substantially enrich the promotional landscape. 

  • Streamlined Content Production: The AI tool enables DMOs and their stakeholders to generate detailed, captivating descriptions quickly. This efficiency reduces the workload and resources previously dedicated to content creation, allowing businesses to focus more on enhancing their offerings and customer service.
  • Boosted Visitor Engagement: Varied AI-generated descriptions provide prospective visitors with engaging and comprehensive insights into what they can experience. This enriched content strategy makes each destination and its businesses more appealing, encouraging travel planning and bookings, thus driving economic growth.
  • SEO Optimization: Introducing fresh, unique content significantly improves online searchability and visibility for DMOs and their stakeholders. This increased web presence leads to higher traffic volumes, enhancing the likelihood of conversion and bolstering the local economy.
  • Enhanced Marketing Value: By utilizing this innovative AI feature, DMOs amplify the value of their ITI Digital SaaS modules’ current subscription for themselves and their stakeholders. The ability to offer superior, custom content elevates marketing efforts, ensuring every business within the destination can better connect with its target audience and thrive.

This comprehensive approach not only advances the marketing capabilities of DMOs but also provides tangible value to individual businesses, contributing to destinations' overall economic growth and prosperity.

How To Use Your AI Content Assistant

1. Log in to your DXP Dashboard: https://imgoingcalendar.com/

2. Edit any Event or Place, by clicking the EDIT "pencil" button

3. Click "Try our AI Content Assistant" prompt. In a few seconds, our DXP wizards will generate three description versions for you to choose from. 
4. Click on the description of choice to select. This populates the Description field, where you still have editorial control to apply further copy edits. 
5. Hit SAVE to publish your new Event or Place description live!

How to Bulk Update Descriptions

For an alternative bulk update of all Places/Business Listings, head to Content Management > Places Tab > Use our bulk AI Content Assistant feature. 

This bulk update will allow your a preview of 10 places and once descriptions are saved, your team has editorial control accessing each description in each Place individual Edit page.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is the AI Content Assistant feature available to my subscription tier?
    Yes, the AI Content Assistant is available to all subscribers of Events Calendar and Places/Business Listings modules, in every subscription tier. If your organization subscribes only to Itineraries or Trip Planner, you can also access this feature and update descriptions for Places who serve as Points-of-Interest in suggested itineraries or trip planner.

  2. Once I selected a AI-generated description, can I edit this content at a later date?
    Yes, you can update individual Places/Events descriptions at any time. The AI-generated content helps your team get started without a blank page, but ultimate editorial control remains with your DMO.

  3. If I choose the bulk update method, will it overwrite my manually uploaded descriptions that I spent time entering before? 
    No, manually entered descriptions will remain. Our AI Content Assist bulk upload only updates Places without descriptions. 

  4. If I select an AI-generated description once, save the place or event, and then change my mind later, can I re-generated descriptions?
    Yes, you can regenerate content and populate new descriptions at any time. 

For any questions or additional support, please reach out to the Client Support team at: https://itidigital.freshdesk.com/support/tickets/new

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